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Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular options for affordable, on-demand transportation. More flexible than public buses, less costly than taxis, passengers can request a driver at nearly any location at any time of day. Strangers serve as private drivers, efficiently transporting passengers to their destination. Most rideshare trips end with five-star ratings and a tip for good service. But in some cases, a Lyft crash or Uber accident can ruin your day, your year, or even your life.  

Were you or a loved one hit by an Uber driver while walking or biking? Were you a passenger in a Lyft car accident? If you or a loved one was injured by a negligent driver in a rideshare accident, you may be entitled to compensation under Georgia law. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options. 

The attorneys at Cobb Personal Injury have extensive experience with rideshare accident claims. Our expert team of lawyers understands complex state laws and knows how to aggressively negotiate with big insurance companies and the companies they represent. Using tested litigation strategies and professional investigation techniques, we build strong cases and obtain outstanding results for our clients. 

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Rideshare Accident: Who is Responsible?

When it comes to standard forms of public and commercial transportation like taxis, buses, or shuttle services, accident claims are often straightforward. These drivers are classified as employees and are fully covered by comprehensive commercial auto insurance plans. But when it comes to who pays in a Lyft or Uber accident, the rules can be complex. Rideshare companies classify drivers as independent contractors, and while these gig workers are required to hold personal insurance policies, claim limits can make it difficult to recover the full extent of funds needed to treat and recover from serious injuries or compensate for the death of a loved one. 

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How Much is a Rideshare Accident Case Worth?

Rideshare auto accidents can result in serious injuries that dramatically alter your daily life and drain your bank account. From emergency care and treatment to long-term therapy, medical expenses add up quickly. If you’re injured in a Lyft accident and unable to work, lost wages from a car accident can severely impact your ability to pay bills. On top of economic hardship, you may need additional help managing day-to-day life childcare or housekeeping while recovering from or living with your injuries. Additionally, the physical and emotional stress, pain, and suffering can leave lasting impacts on your home life and your personal relationships. 

Our personal injury attorneys will analyze the circumstances of your Uber accident case and gather records of the losses you’ve suffered. We use this evidence to calculate the value of your rideshare accident claim and aggressively pursue full compensation under the law.  

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Uber and Lyft Accident Procedures

In a car accident, Lyft and Uber drivers are advised to immediately call the company’s emergency number to make an accident report. Shortly after this report is made, an individual from the rideshare’s customer service team will contact you by phone to check on you and take down your version of events at the scene. 

We strongly recommend not speaking with an insurance agent or company representative until you’ve received medical attention and spoken with a rideshare accident attorney. Aside from the most basic facts about the event, any additional statements can be used to reduce or deny your Lyft or Uber insurance claim. 

Immediately after a rideshare accident, if you are safe and able, collect photos, video, and witness contact information at the scene. These records can serve as valuable evidence for any potential claim negotiations or settlement offers.  

Rideshare Driver Accident

Due to the nature of the job and long hours spent on the road, Uber and Lyft drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in an auto accident. If you are a driver for a rideshare company and you’ve been seriously injured in an accident while transporting passengers or on the way to pick up a passenger, don’t wait to speak with an attorney at Cobb Personal Injury and learn more about the full extent of your legal rights. Depending on the circumstances of your accident and the nature of your injuries, you may be eligible to file a claim or sue Uber as a driver. 

A rideshare driver hurt in an accident while signed-in or transporting passengers is legally entitled to pursue an insurance claim seeking monetary compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and lost income. If accident injuries are preventing you from working, or if vehicle repairs are preventing you from accepting fares, you may be able to recover losses and receive maximum compensation under the law. 

Uber and Lyft Accident Insurance

Rideshare insurance policy coverage and limits can vary greatly. Exact terms will depend on whether the rideshare driver was working, waiting for a request, or transporting a passenger. While traveling to pick up a passenger and during the ride, both Uber and Lyft include comprehensive liability coverage that becomes effective with a $1 million limit. 

If you are a passenger or driver hurt in a Lyft or Uber accident, you may be eligible to seek compensation up to this limit. It won’t be easy, though. Insurance companies are notorious for their efforts to deny claims or offer the minimum settlement. If a company representative or insurance agent reaches out to you for information, provide only basic facts until you’re able to accurately assess the extent of your injuries and obtain medical attention. After an auto accident, the full severity of some injuries may not become obvious for several hours, days, or even weeks. 

Aggressive Personal Injury Help

Cobb Personal Injury Lyft accident lawyers will represent your best interests and demand the compensation you deserve. How do we build rock-solid legal cases against negligent drivers and rideshare companies? We perform a comprehensive investigation of your accident and collect as much information as possible to reconstruct the events leading up to, during, and after the crash. From eyewitness testimony to traffic camera and dashcam video footage, we rely on every available resource to help you recover damages. 

Some of the best pieces of evidence to support your rideshare accident claim are personal medical records and treatment bills. As soon as you are able, it’s important to seek treatment for your injuries and begin documenting any diagnoses and recovery plans. Keep track of all medical and travel expenses you incur to make sure you get fully reimbursed after an Uber accident. Good record keeping can be especially helpful during the insurance claims negotiations process. 

Because your medical information is protected by privacy laws, we ask clients to sign releases giving us permission to review and analyze relevant medical records and bills. This allows us to gather all of the proof we need and begin the claims process while you focus on healing and rehabilitation. 

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Don't Speak to Rideshare Insurance Companies Alone!

Insurance companies hate paying out big accident claims. A representative may contact you, but it’s important to refrain from making any statements beyond the most basic facts until you speak with an Uber or Lyft accident attorney.  

Insurance companies will often ask questions so they can use the information to deny your claim, or they will rush to make a lowball offer that may not even come close to covering your expenses. We strongly advise clients to avoid speaking with the rideshare company or any of their insurance agents that might reach out to you. Instead, contact a Lyft and Uber accident lawyer at Cobb Personal Injury and let us start negotiating on your behalf.

Cobb Personal Injury attorneys help victims and their families receive fair compensation for injuries and suffering caused by rideshare accidents. If you have been hurt in a car crash with an Uber or Lyft driver, call a personal injury attorney in Georgia specializing in rideshare accident claims. We aggressively pursue insurance claims and settlement terms to help get you the money you deserve. Call Cobb Personal Injury today to schedule a free consultation and find out what your case might be worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical settlement for an auto accident will depend on whether the damage was to persons or property. If the auto accident caused damage to property, the settlement covers only what was spent to repair or replace the destroyed property or its value. When the accident caused death or bodily injury to persons, the settlement will cover payment for medical costs, out of pocket expenses, pain and suffering and lost income.

At a personal injury trial, the victim or the victim’s next of kin has the duty to present evidence that proves their claims against the person or persons who caused the injury and their insurance companies. The victim or the complainant will have to show how each defendant is liable to pay damages. And then the defendants will get the opportunity to present evidence that negate their liability before the judge or jury decides.

As soon as you sustain a personal injury, make sure to find a lawyer who can advise and assist you. Remember that you only have two years from the date you sustained the injury to bring a claim or file a lawsuit. If you are unconscious or unable to file a claim or bring a lawsuit, your next of kin may bring the claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

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